Professional Framing Services

A few words from John Allred of Professional Framing Services, a member of the Cotati Chamber of Commerce:

“Nothing lasts forever, and it is important to realize that all artwork will need restoration at some point. Proper preservation framing will ensure that the time before restoration is required is at its maximum, and also, that the conservator will have proper access to the art piece to allow him or her to perform the “magic” at a minimum of time and cost. All too often, improper framing will thwart a conservator’s efforts to access the artwork, or end up taking far more hours to do so, or even disallow restoration.” Contact John Allred at 8172 La Plaza in Cotati (707-795-2791 or to discuss your project. He is highly recommended by those who have entrusted their art to him.

“John Allred has been framing my original art and prints for several years and I would not entrust my work to anyone else in the framing business. I appreciate his knowledge and mastery. When I leave my art in John’s capable hands I trust that I will receive the highest quality of framing services. It’s been a pleasure working with him!”

John Allred

Art collectors most often want their artwork to maintain its value in case they may choose to sell it at some future date. Therefore they will opt for preservation for framing to insure the artwork does not become damaged. Often family will inherit a cherished piece of artwork and they too will want preservation framing to allow the artwork to be enjoyed for generations to come. Preservation framing will keep the artwork in a proper environment, says John.