Identity Toolkit

The Identity Toolkit is intended to facilitate the process of conducting business in the city of Cotati by providing graphics, nomenclature and guidelines to augment the promotional efforts of the Cotati Chamber of Commerce as well as its members and partnering organizations. The application of a clear and consistent corporate identity reinforces the professionalism of the Cotati Chamber and its members among the various publics: government, business, media and consumer.

Members are encouraged to contact the chamber office if they have any questions or concerns about using the toolkit, but they may not edit or modify its various components without the expressed written consent of the Cotati Chamber Marketing Committee.


  • Logo – The primary branding mark of the Cotati Chamber
  • Photographs/videos – A collection of images expressing the “Cotati vibe”
  • Color Palette – A recommended color palette as a function of the Cotati Chamber logo
  • Nomenclature – The correct spelling, capitalization and abbreviation of the chamber’s official name, “Cotati Chamber of Commerce,” and more


This Identity Toolkit was inspired by the Sonoma State University Identity Toolkit.